Sunday, 18 March 2012

Turn Me Up

Anyone who gives a sh*t about the quality of recorded music would do well to watch this 20 min film from

I've personally encountered the 'loudness wars' both as a producer/musician/engineer wishing to retain the subtlety of my work, and as a mastering engineer with (thankfully not all) clients believing the not-so-old myth that crushing the life out of their work will somehow make it more successful and/or better on the radio, (here's a heads-up: IT WON'T). Friday 16th March was apparently 'International Dynamic Range Day', (see more here), though in my book this ought to be so for the other 364 days of the year... Just sayin' like ;-) Lee


  1. Applies to live music too. At so many gigs, you can't 'hear' the instruments at all. I always used to assume all sound engineers were deaf and turned up the volume. But turning up to the extent of distortion just seems illogical. I recently went into mt son's room where he was playing along with a cd extremely loudly....and he had cotton wool stuffed in his ears! What's that all about?!

    1. This is very true Meemee, and a further example of the pointless (and destructive) loudness obsession. Pretty much all of us working in the music 'industry' know relatively young musicians with premature hearing loss as a result of this.