Friday, 18 May 2012

Faith in Worthless Things | PledgeMusic

'Faith In Worthless Things' is the title of my forthcoming semi-solo album, created in part with my two closest musical allies: Markus Reuter, touch guitarist extraordinaire and member of King Crimson offshoot bands Stick Men & The Crimson ProjeKct (with Tony Levin, Adrian Belew, and Pat Mastelotto), plus Lisa Fletcher, my long-term musical partner, vocalist, and "better half".

What’s more, our virtual band is augmented by a cast of dazzling musical talent, including, amongst others, BJ Cole (pedal steel guitar), Tim Motzer (electric / acoustic guitars), Luca Calabrese (trumpet), Steve Bingham (strings), Chris Wong (bass), and Alan Burton (uilleann pipes / whistles). Between them these guys have performed and recorded with artists such as Scott Walker, Bj√∂rk, David Sylvian, Toyah Willcox, No-Man, Ray Charles, Sting, Elton John, and many more... We’re truly thrilled to have them onboard for this project :-)


With our album nearing completion we faced a choice: We already have the digital infrastructure to release the work as a download and promote it via the usual channels. We could also have waited until the end of the year, or longer, to fund a low-key CD release with minimal packaging or frills. Yet after all the love, creative energy, and hard work that’s been poured into this album (by myself and all the wonderful players who’ve graciously given their time, talent, and support) these ‘options’ felt like short-change.


So dear reader we’re diving head first into the crowd-enabling world of PledgeMusic and directly asking YOU, our friends and supporters, to help facilitate a quality physical release of the kind we (as music lovers and collectors ourselves) feel sure will enhance your experience of the work :-) Plus, once manufacturing costs are met we’ll be able to give a little back to those who worked for free.

Given our rationale for taking this route we’re ultra keen to make the experience a highly satisfying one for all our pledgers. This isn’t a typical online ‘store’, nor is it traditional ‘fundraiser’ campaign; We certainly don’t expect you to give your hard-earned money as a charitable act – You’ll get cool / rare stuff in return, and all ahead of the official release: Most of the album packages and exclusive offers we’ve devised are designed to give you, our supporters, something unique and extra special. From personalised / signed ltd edition numbered CDs through to interactive creative opportunities with the team; Few of these offers will ever be made available beyond these virtual walls.

Furthermore, 10% of everything we raise over-and-above the minimum (i.e. “break-even”) target will go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. This is a very personal cause to me as sadly my mother has the advanced progressive form of this cruel, debilitating disease... I hope we can raise some much needed funds for the charity.

[Please note: The album artwork is in development – None of the images currently shown on the campaign page represent the actual packaging. We’ll post details as they’re signed off in our Pledger updates...]

Wide Angle

OK folks, it’s in your hands now; We need to make as much noise about this campaign as possible for it to be a success, so please do tell your friends and share links across your social networks. Unless we hit the minimum (break-even) target Pledge Music will dissolve the project – That’s the way the cookie crumbles here. But we’re not going to let that happen, so let’s get cracking and have some fun! The more we raise the more we can plough back into a quality release for you :-)

To join in the fun either follow this link: Faith In Worthless Things - PledgeMusic Project, or simply click on the button on the righthand side of this very page...

A massive “thank you” for your support!

Lee (+ Lisa & Markus) “triple eggs” to y’all xxx