Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Solo Album 2: Blog #2 (Woodwind and Brass to the Moon)

I'm trying to blog a little more often, so here’s a second (mini) update re: the production of my next solo album...

As indicated previously I'm already tracking parts for several songs while others are still forming. At this point there are about nine pieces 'on the go', with a few others hatching or close to existing. I don't yet know how many will make the final cut, but it’s already clear that this album will have a longer running time than the previous.

Recent sessions have focused on recording the French horn and flute parts. My old friend Jacqueline Kershaw performed the horn lines I had written - This will be the third time she's appeared on record with me having previously featured on several 'Faith In Worthless Things' tracks as well as my production of 'Propeller' (by GRICE). Jax and I go back to our early school days so it's great to be making music together after all these years :-)

Vivien Goodwin-Darke is the flautist for this project and performs both written parts and a little free-improv. Viv is a member of Billy Bottle & The Multiple whose recent album 'Unrecorded Beam' I produced. It's so great to work with her again and add her flavour into the mix. And speaking of "flavour" she makes a mean 'swamp' soup (tastes better than it sounds) which helped fuel our recording session ;-)

Both Jax and Viv are pictured above during the actual sessions...

Troy is soon to record an additional track and I'm currently prepping several demos for my second drummer / percussionist to do his thing in a couple of weeks, as well as a guest bassist who will most likely appear on one song. I'll reveal more next time... There are lots of sessions to be arranged with players located all over the world, so the next few months will be busy (but interesting).

In other news I'm currently arranging backing vocals for several tracks on Fabio Trentini's upcoming 3rd Moonbound album. Lisa will sing the parts which we began recording just a few days ago :-) It's sounding great!

More soonage x