Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Solo Album 2: Blog #2 (Woodwind and Brass to the Moon)

I'm trying to blog a little more often, so here’s a second (mini) update re: the production of my next solo album...

As indicated previously I'm already tracking parts for several songs while others are still forming. At this point there are about nine pieces 'on the go', with a few others hatching or close to existing. I don't yet know how many will make the final cut, but it’s already clear that this album will have a longer running time than the previous.

Recent sessions have focused on recording the French horn and flute parts. My old friend Jacqueline Kershaw performed the horn lines I had written - This will be the third time she's appeared on record with me having previously featured on several 'Faith In Worthless Things' tracks as well as my production of 'Propeller' (by GRICE). Jax and I go back to our early school days so it's great to be making music together after all these years :-)

Vivien Goodwin-Darke is the flautist for this project and performs both written parts and a little free-improv. Viv is a member of Billy Bottle & The Multiple whose recent album 'Unrecorded Beam' I produced. It's so great to work with her again and add her flavour into the mix. And speaking of "flavour" she makes a mean 'swamp' soup (tastes better than it sounds) which helped fuel our recording session ;-)

Both Jax and Viv are pictured above during the actual sessions...

Troy is soon to record an additional track and I'm currently prepping several demos for my second drummer / percussionist to do his thing in a couple of weeks, as well as a guest bassist who will most likely appear on one song. I'll reveal more next time... There are lots of sessions to be arranged with players located all over the world, so the next few months will be busy (but interesting).

In other news I'm currently arranging backing vocals for several tracks on Fabio Trentini's upcoming 3rd Moonbound album. Lisa will sing the parts which we began recording just a few days ago :-) It's sounding great!

More soonage x


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Solo Album 2: Blog #1 (Dreams, Demos & Drums)

So, my next solo album is now properly "in production" (cue virtual fanfare) :-) As the year progresses this project will doubtless compete with my other musical work commitments and periodically rest on the shelf, but right now I'm ultra focused on the songs (some completely written and arranged / others still emerging) that will fill up my next circular piece of plastic... Huzzah!

Though it's early days I already feel that this is the strongest set of compositions I've penned to-date, both in terms of the musical and lyrical content, but also simply (yet importantly) as an uncompromised reflection of where I'm at right now. None of that guarantees an audience of course, but I'm unusually at ease with what I'm doing which must be a sign of some sort.

I've recently put together demos (mainly played / programmed via MIDI keys) that both I and contributing players will use as a road map, and in fact am still doing so as new songs emerge – Some parts are written exactly as they'll be performed, whilst others give the players a little room for interpretation. It's the 'old-fashioned' approach of writing songs up-front and leaving fewer arrangements to the production process, though one could also make the case that this *is* part of the production process... I like to work in a variety of ways, and there'll doubtless be a lot of digital arranging as parts are recorded, however I'm starting out with more defined compositions / arrangements than I have previously. Who knows if it'll end exactly the way it began? That's part of the fun though, eh? ;-)

Some (though not all) players from 'Faith In Worthless Things' are returning, with a number of new folks in the mix. I'm keen to move things around and incorporate new people as a way of keeping things fresh and also best serving the material. Naturally my old friend and Unsung Productions colleague Markus Reuter will appear, as will my vocalist wife Lisa, though I'll be taking lead vocal duties on several songs this time which may surprise some folks... The words and melodies of 'FiWT' largely came from me but were channelled through Lisa's beautiful voice – That gave the album a particular quality that was conducive to the landscape I was painting, however this time I'll be more obviously present in the recordings. It's partly a confidence / challenge thing – I've reached a point where I'm (somewhat) less inhibited as a 'performer'. But it's equally (maybe mostly?) a reaction to the type of material I've been writing, much of which felt like I should deliver it myself.

The first major sessions have already taken place: US-based drummer Troy Jones (whose wonderful 'New Peace' album I mixed last year) is one of two players occupying the drum stool for this album. He has already recorded drums and percussion for five songs, and will appear on at least one more... Initially I was hesitant about producing drums long-distance, though I had no doubts about Troy's abilities. Nonetheless the sessions turned out to be incredibly productive, positive and fun, with Troy responding well to direction and quickly learning to interpret my demos and commentary as if we were working in the room together! Lots of e-mails were exchanged, as well as Skype conversations and file transfers, but the results prove that the relationship is ultimately more important than location or distance. I've already devoted considerably more time to arranging the drums on this record than I did for the whole of 'FiWT', which further indicates the stylistic differences and direction of this project... 'Faith' was deliberately lite on drums (for the most part), but from from the outset I envisaged this set as being more rhythmically dynamic, and Troy's brilliant contributions have solidified that. The above snap of him was taken whilst hitting things for my album :-)

Next-up are sessions for both French horn and flute, taking place (this time more locally and in-person) over the next week. I'll also be heading to Berlin in a few weeks to work closely with Markus on his contributions... I'll blog periodically (come on, you know I don't do "daily updates" ;-)) during the production process and aim to publish at least a few pics along the way.

That's all for now. Cheerio and thanks for caring x


Friday, 14 February 2014

2013: Things That Happened

I'm unfashionably late to the New/Old Year party, but hey, writing the obligatory "end of year roundup" blog in mid February is still acceptable, right? Getting past the hubbub of Christmas, New Year and whatnot made it easier for me to reflect on the previous 365 days collectively known as 2013. So, "what actually happened?"...

Whilst there was no new full-length Lee Fletcher album in 2013 I kicked-off the year by releasing an eclectic set of commissioned reimaginings (remixes) of songs from the previous year's 'Faith In Worthless Things'. As a companion piece rather than follow-up album (which it isn't) I think 'The Cracks Within: FiWT Remixes' works pretty well, and the "name your price" digital download format helped to raise several hundred pounds for the MS Society through voluntary donations.

In July I released a cover of Mike Oldfield’s 'Islands' as a digital single together with collaborators Lisa Fletcher and Markus Reuter. My new arrangement was very different to the original and felt close to the ambience of 'FiWT'. That said we had some new collaborators working on this recording such as Peter Gabriel / King Crimson (and everyone else's) bassist Tony Levin and CENTROZOON member Tobias Reber... The track was positively received and garnered a little airplay on regional BBC shows plus various commercial / independent alternatives. In November it won Best Single at the South West Music Awards - Somehow I never mentioned this on the blog previously! So, I now have 'award symmetry' on the main studio shelf ;-) I've said it before, but awards don't really have ANY impact on the way I work, but they're undeniably a great way to get the music heard by new ears.

My main production gig of 2013 was for Billy Bottle & The Multiple, a wonderful 7-piece band with a semi-revolving lineup helmed by composer / musician Bill Harbottle. 'Unrecorded Beam' is a song-cycle woven around the poetry of (American author, poet and philosopher) Henry David Thoreau. It's progressive, it's jazzy, it's melodic and turbulent in equal measure – I was very happy to work with Bill and The Multiple (surely contenders for "the most polite / friendly band ever") on this special project. As well as producing I mixed and mastered the album and contributed subtle Fletcherisms throughout (treatments, soundscapes, electronics, etc.) augmenting the musical arrangements and underpinning the emotional dynamics. The digital version was released just before Christmas, with a physical "coffee table edition" CD coming out via Leo Records this very month.

Another release bearing my creative imprint was 'New Peace' by US drummer Troy Jones (and featuring a host of wonderful guests inc. Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and members of the Touch Guitar Circle). My Unsung Productions partner and friend Markus Reuter produced whilst I mixed and post-produced, sprinkling treatments and refining / shaping the arrangements. It's a pretty unique record, and I'm pleased to say that on the back of this collaboration Troy will be contributing to a future solo project of mine…

Getting out of the studio (and indeed the country) during a rare UK midsummer heat wave (remember that? It really did happen) I took part in the 2nd Touch Guitar workshop hosted by Markus (Reuter) and Trey Gunn (of King Crimson & David Sylvian / Robert Fripp notoriety). Together with other members of the Touch Guitar Circle I lived and worked in a ramshackle house high in the beautiful Austrian mountains for a week... It was a challenging and at times uncomfortable experience, not helped by the thousands of flies that gatecrashed our digs - I kid you not - nonetheless for the first time in years I enjoyed being "a player" rather than composer / arranger. The experience will undoubtedly spill over into future musical endeavors and at some point I'll acquire a U8 Touch Guitar and pick-up the process at home. This was a very important event in my creative calendar.

Donning my well-worn mastering hat I, well, mastered a great number of records throughout 2013. Many are listed in my Discography, though due to artist / label scheduling there are several still "in the vaults" awaiting official release... Mastering is still a much-misunderstood art that encompasses far more than merely "making it loud". I enjoy these projects as they often allow me to dip my toe into genres that I wouldn’t otherwise swim in that often. Plus the discipline and active listening skills required continually serve to improve my general production work.

I've always been quite a visual orientated artist, even when it comes to music, (I tend to 'see' arrangements in my mind's eye) so when upcoming film-maker John Tomkins asked me to provide the soundtrack for a short film ('Indietro') I was intrigued enough to get involved. Due to an incredibly short production schedule there was no time to score from scratch, so I prepared special alternate mixes / edits of pieces previously heard on 'FiWT' and 'TCW', mostly without vocals... This worked very well, and I’m open to doing more substantial film soundtrack work as and when the right projects come along.

So there you have it - Highlights of my professional life over the course of a year, summed up in a few hundred characters. I missed out a lot of details, (such as a series of production seminars presented to music academy students) and in-between all of the above I managed to have some kind of a life and be a father / husband too. Heck, I even rekindled my relationship with the great outdoors and started going out on regular costal walks, something that has already inspired future work.

Oh, and I almost forgot something very important - I began writing words that would eventually grow into a new solo album project... Already this year several of these pieces have been fleshed out into song structures and an album is in the making. This will be one of my major focuses in 2014, but there's no rush or panic to get it out - It'll come together as and when I feel it should.

Looking ahead I'm also going to be producing a new 'ambient' project by Markus Reuter, his first Soundscape-based album in several years, plus there are a few other potential productions currently at the "talking" stage... I've also rekindled my love of photography, so perhaps that'll work its way into my output along the way. (Who am I kidding? It definitely WILL do ;-))

So, we're mostly up-to-date here again ;-) As always, even when I don’t blog the latest news I do tend to update the other sections of this site, and there's Twitter and the Facebook page (when I can stomach it) too!

Cheerio, and thanks for your ongoing support x


Monday, 1 July 2013

News Roundup

The busier I am the less frequently I seem to update this site, despite possibly having more than usual to talk about ;-) I guess I've been busy. VERY busy... So here's a (somewhat overdue) whistle-stop roundup of both recent and imminent happenings, some of which I may have mentioned previously in passing, and others that are brand spanking new - Be prepared for a hodgepodge of subject-matter:

Since last blogging way back in early Feb' there have been a few fresh reviews published, both of 'Faith In Worthless Things' (which is still finding new audiences) and the more recent spin-off remix collection 'The Cracks Within. Some of these have been reproduced on the Reviews page here.

Tribe Magazine (of whom I'm now a Trustee) recently published a new interview with me. It's available to read in the Audio section of their site, plus I've added the text to the Interviews section here (alongside January's Specimen 13 feature).

Here's an interesting one: A few weeks back I 'accidentally' discovered that in February I was on the list of nominees for the Music Producers Guild (MPG) Awards 2013. Though I didn't win it's nice to know my that name was apparently in the mix...

Speaking of "in the mix" I recently completed post-production for the forthcoming album 'New Peace' by US drummer / artist Troy Jones. The project was produced by my friend & collaborator Markus Reuter with post-production & mixing handled by myself, (I also mastered the CD). I thoroughly enjoyed mixing this record which contains stellar performances from a number of guest players including Adrian Belew (King Crimson, David Bowie), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, David Bowie), Tobias Reber (centrozoon), Alex Dowerk (ZweiTon), and Erik Emil Esklidsen (The Friendly Guitar Trio), as well as Markus himself. Despite the chiefly minimalist nature of the compositions there were many wonderful details in the performances that I was able to pull to the fore during the mix process, resulting in a robust, three-dimentional, multi-textured sound with an uber-strong groove factor! I'll post further details once a release date is set.

I'm currently producing 'Unrecorded Beam', the forthcoming album by the superb 7-piece band Billy Bottle & The Multiple. This project should see the light of day during the second half of 2013, but will be my main focus for the next month or two. It's a concept album (in the very best way) based around a poetry fuelled song-cycle, but I'll talk about this more when post-production is complete... The standard of musicianship is tremendous - Once again I'm blessed to be working with an abundance of musical talent.

Since last posting I've also completed and uploaded a couple of new OLDER THAN GOD 'webisodes', both of which profile Markus's time within the Europa String Choir and feature exclusive interviews / performances from the band.

In May I was once again a guest speaker at the A2D Music Expo - This was my third year on the trot! Lots of fun was had with friends new and old.

Looking a little further afield I'm already writing material for my next 'solo' album :-) Mainly lyric-writing at this stage, (lots of it), though some melodies / chord structures exist in demo-form and an overall feel is emerging. I'm incredibly excited about this project, but I'm not going to rush things - For now I have other production commitments, but I'll be quietly working on this in the background until later in the year when it'll move centre-stage and recording will begin. There'll be some returning players from 'Faith in Worthless Things', though I intend to mix things up a little and bring a few new folks into the team :-) Much as I'd like to share a morsel or two with you I won't be doing so for a while... ;-)

Another project I'll be producing this year will be Markus Reuter's next solo album. Despite being one of the most prolific musicians on the planet it's been some years (seven to be precise) since he last put out a solo record... Soundscapes were recorded in Innsbruck this past weekend, and I'll begin sifting through the raw material over the coming weeks. I already have some ideas / plans for the sonic direction.

Last, but by absolutely no means least, Markus, Lisa and I (together with guest performers Tony Levin, Tim Motzer, Alan Burton and Tobias Reber) released a new single a couple of weeks ago, ('Islands' - a Mike Oldfield cover)... I'll save all the latest on this for a future blog post - No really, I will!

Btw, even when I fail on an epic scale to blog regularly I do tend to update other areas of the site quite routinely, so it's sometimes worth having a nose around to play "spot the change" :-)

Lee x

Friday, 8 February 2013

Within 'The Cracks Within'... FiWT Remixes | MS Fundraising

I've never been particularly fond of remixes on the whole, possibly because all too often they jar with the mood and sentiment of the original, and perhaps I’ve heard one too many lazy efforts that essentially slap vocal samples over an unrelated dance beat...

So, what better way for me to kick-off 2013 than with a remix collection?! ;-)

As far as I'm concerned 'Faith in Worthless Things' was complete the moment I sent the masters to the pressing plant. I'd worked on it a long time, and If there were any inclination (on my part) to tinker further I would have done so back then – The CD / download is the default version and it is what it is... I did briefly consider remixing a couple of tunes for a proposed single release, but having already ingrained my DNA into the originals I wasn’t suitably motivated to reinvent the wheel. Better to save my creative energy and ideas for a follow-up album, (which, incidentally, is already in gestation).

But then it dawned on me – I'm fortunate to have a lot of talented musician / producer friends, each with their own unique sonic language. The idea of a specially curated album of remixes by some of these guys & girls began to appeal. If presented as a body of work, rather than random one-off mixes floating around the web, it could be an interesting and musically valid spin-off from the album.

I approached several people that I pretty much knew would sidestep those remix clich├ęs I loved to loath, and luckily they all said yes immediately! One of the rules I set myself was to only invite folks that hadn't appeared on the parent album, though I immediately broke that directive by asking Tim Motzer! ;-) He's the exception though, and his mix is of a track he didn’t originally feature on.

So, what songs to include? Whilst the production and arrangements of all the songs on 'FiWT' were important – almost an extension of the songwriting really – there were a couple of pieces that felt more readily open to reinterpretation: 'The Inner Voice', which was the closest thing to a conventional pop song on there, plus the title track which was musically quite sparse (deliberately so). Both also had particularly suggestive lyrics that might help conjure fresh musical ideas. Compiling an album that features only two songs might have been limiting, but I had faith (see what I did there?) that the material would be diverse enough to carry it. So that was that - I gave the remixers the choice of either song, (Ingo Vogelmann opted to tackle both), prepared audio stems from my original mixes, and handed the reins over...

The only real brief I gave was for them to follow their gut and do what felt right. I also asked that they respect the lyric and try not to break it up too much – Thankfully Tobias Reber ignored the latter request and significantly rearranged the words, but did so in a brilliant way that enhanced his rendition and still managed to convey the core 'message' in a stark and beautiful fashion :-)

Here's the full cast of remixers:

Tim Motzer (track 1)
Tobias Reber (track 2)
Worldengine (track 3)
Hollowcreature (track 4)
Ingo Vogelmann (tracks 5 & 9)
Adrian Benavides (track 6)
Branwen Somatik (track 7)
Fabio Trentini (track 8)

I'm truly grateful to all of these folks for their enthusiasm and creativity!

'The Cracks Within' came to me as a title almost from the outset. Not only is it a quote from the song 'Faith in Worthless Things' but it seemed especially fitting as these mixes would to some extent be exploring the sonic cracks (or 'grooves' if we're gonna be old-school) within my original arrangements. Together with designer Oscar Henriquez (who had worked on the previous release) I put together a deliberately stark cover design for the collection, one that echoes a particular detail of the (physical CD) packaging for 'FiWT' - It also alludes to the eight remixers in an abstract (but probably obvious now I've said it) kinda way...

As for the results? Well both my co-featured artists (Lisa Fletcher and Markus Reuter) and I are delighted! No two pieces are alike. There's "something for everyone", as the saying goes... Some renditions are alternate views of the originals, whilst others are almost new compositions entirely, built around the lyrics and vocal melody. It's a good balance I think, and whichever approach has been taken all of them are clearly linked to their origins. I think in summary I would describe this collection as a "sonic parallel universe" to that which is presented on 'Faith in Worthless Things'.

It's been interesting for me to see / hear the various angles explored by individual remixers. Some choices I wouldn't have made, but that's entirely the point! They are fascinating nonetheless :-) I only got directly involved on two or three occasions, after being actively invited to give feedback, and even then my comments were minimal – I didn't want to influence anyone's stylistic approach or expression. For the most part I stepped back.

I'm pretty sure that I'll work with several (possibly all?) of these folks again, and not only in a remix capacity. So the project also has added value to me as R & D for potential future collaborations :-)

During the process I considered several different distribution models for the project, including pressing a physical CD. But ultimately that wouldn’t have been cost-effective, and whilst it's presented as a collection it's not really the follow-up album to 'FiWT', so better to make that distinction. Plus, I wanted to ensure that as many folks as possible got to hear this work, so it made sense to keep it online and essentially FREE.

Having decided not to personally benefit financially from this release I wanted to see to it that at least some money would go to a very deserving cause - Therefore everyone who downloads the album is invited to consider making a donation to the MS Society, a (UK-based) charity that supports those with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and helps fund much needed research into this currently incurable disease. My mother has a very extreme case of MS that has rendered her mostly paralysed, so it’s a cause that is very close to my heart.

I have no qualms about adopting a Bob Geldof style persona for this bit: If you download the music and get some pleasure from it PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING to the MS SOCIETY. Think of it as 'sponsorship' for the music... Thank you :-)

The best way to support the fundraising is to make your donation via the special 'Just Giving' page I've created for the project, (either click on the image above, or go HERE...) Just Giving pass the money securely and transparently to the MS Society, so it's a clean and simple way to get involved.

Alternatively, any donations made via the Bandcamp page for 'The Cracks Within' will be manually transferred by myself to the Just Giving fund. Some folks have already done this... PLEASE NOTE however that Bandcamp take a 15% cut of the transaction, whereas Just Giving will pass all your money onto the charity.

The choice to donate or not is yours... Either way, we hope you enjoy the remix collection and ask that you share all the relevant links (Bandcamp download & Just Giving) with any friends and contacts that you think may be interested. Thank you!

Lee x

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

FiWT Voted 'Best Album' by Progopolis

The lovely folks at (US radio show) Progopolis have chosen 'Faith in Worthless Things' as their 'Best Album of 2012' in the show's annual "best-of" roundup :-)

I'm hugely grateful to hosts Vince & Daisy Jane for their ongoing support. Some of you may recall that Vince previously published positive reviews of both 'FiWT' and 'Propeller' (a previous production of mine), both of which are reproduced in the Reviews section of this site.

Previously broadcast Progopolis shows (including the aforementioned episode) are available to stream or download HERE, or by clicking the image below...

The show is always great fun, with a truly eclectic mix of tunes that go way beyond what one may readily think of as 'prog' music...

You'll also find them on the ol' Book of Face (of course).

Stay safe.

Lee x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tribe Magazine

At the end of 2012 I was approached by Tribe Magazine (digital purveyors of contemporary arts) and invited to join the management board as a Trustee. Having followed their excellent work from issue one it didn't take me long to accept...

Today marks the organisation's first birthday, so what better time to properly announce my association and encourage friends and followers to check them out :-)

More than a 'just' a digital magazine, Tribe is an arts platform created with the sole intention of showcasing the best in creative arts practice from around the world. Free to the end user, with no adverts or sponsored content, yet the same high standards one would expect from a premium print publication.

Whilst the focus has primarily been on the visual arts to date selected musicians (such as Steve Jansen in issue one) have been under the spotlight too. Over time this element will increase, not only in the magazine but via the website's associated features - This is an area where I can give particular strategic assistance to the editorial team...

Naturally there's also the obligatory Facebook Page for those who like to "like"... And don't we all? ;-)

Please show them some love - They'll love you for it, (and you may discover some wonderful art in the process).

Lee x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Interview - Pt 1

Denis Rodier of Specimen 13 (whose 'Echosystem' EP I mastered) recently interviewed me for the S13 blog. You can view part one here, (or by clicking the image below).

The second instalment will be published in about a fortnight...

DJ / Producer / Composer Ingo Vogelmann also links to the above-mentioned interview in a recent blog, as well as sharing his thoughts on 'Faith in Worthless Things' (which he describes as "one of my top albums of 2012/2013...") Again, click on the image to get there.

Thanks guys! I'm honoured to have the support of such talented folks :-)

Lee x

Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 Roundup

Blimey is it that time of year already?!

After the peaks and (at times pretty deep) troughs of last year, 2012 by contrast turned out to be rather unblemished professionally-speaking. In fact the goals that I set myself on January 1st were all met, with several surprise happenings of the happy variety also occurring, so I can’t complain eh? I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but perhaps I ought to from now on - In fact, there’s the first...

Looking back I’m pretty staggered by the tally of achievements: In summary, 2012 was the year in which I released a semi-solo album, produced / arranged / mixed this and another critically acclaimed project, co-produced a third, began mixing another, mastered thirteen more (plus several standalone tracks), ran a successful crowd-funding (PledgeMusic) campaign, received generous reviews via the blogosphere and selected international print press, guested on numerous radio stations (inc. the BBC), got radio airplay via these and specialist web stations / podcasts, had my production / arrangement / mix work featured on an international cover-mount CD, appeared on a music industry panel, gave audio master-classes, launched my online film series, agreed to became a trustee of a wonderful arts organisation, and won the South West Music Awards 'Best Producer' accolade. And this is just the stuff I can recall off the top of my head.

It was also a year in which I met lots of great people and had the pleasure to work with some of them. My musical family continued to grow, but I still managed to see existing friends from afar playing up-close, which is always a pleasure. Plus, I turned some stuff down...

Thank you hugely to all who have been on the ride with me, and to the many (old friends and new) who’ve supported my work. It really does mean a lot :-) I can’t wait to see where the cards land at the end of 2013! There are several exciting projects already in the works that I haven’t yet fully announced, with others in the planning stages. Oh, and I’m continuing to listen to "the inner voice"...

"Happy New Year" folks!

Lee x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

'Best Producer' Award

On Thursday 1st November I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with the 'Best Producer 2012' award at the second annual South West Music Awards! I already knew that I was a nominee, which in itself was gratifying having largely been the result of a public vote, but taking the title was the icing on this shiny, inscribed, non-edible 'cake' :-)

Does it really matter? Well, no and yes... For me the creative process is never governed by outside critical forces, and that ain't gonna change. I don't need an industry pat-on-the-head in order to be musically motivated, and my approach won't alter one jot as a result of this accolade :-) Nonetheless, given the often remote nature of what I do the post-release period can be both rewarding and enlightening - Having let go of the completed work it's incredibly interesting (to me) to see where it flies and who it touches...

Whatever the stylistic nature of a project (be it my own material or an album I'm helping to facilitate) it's always my wish that it'll reach the widest audience possible, and catch new ears along the way. As an independent artist and producer operating without the muscle of a marketing juggernaut getting the music "out there" can be a hard slog, so receiving an award like this is undoubtedly helpful; and maybe, just maybe, as a result the work will travel a little further. Perhaps also one or two doors might be nudged ajar leading to as-yet unforeseen creative encounters? We'll see.

But you know, aside from the above rationalisation sometimes it's just nice to be recognised and told "hey, you're doing some good work". We're all human, and a little encouragement can go a hell of a long way in terms of fuelling our internal 'feel good' sensors :-)

Thanks to all who made this happen - It just so happens that it came at a good time personally for me.

Lee x

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Faith @ Burning Shed

I'm delighted to announce that the limited hand-numbered / signed edition of 'Faith in Worthless Things' is now also available via the wonderful Burning Shed store; home to a myriad of excellent artists...

You'll find us in the Art Rock section. If you're not familiar with "The Shed" do have a look around - We're in extremely good company :-)

Lee x

Update: The initially allocated stock sold-out within just over a day! We've subsequently doubled that allocation, but orders are coming thick and fast so 'Shed customers are advised to move quickly... :-)

Monday, 15 October 2012

October Update 2: Reviews + Radio

Generous reviews for 'Faith In Worthless Things' continue to come in, and here's a snippet from the latest penned by Roger Trenwith for the Dutch Progressive Rock Page (DPRP):

"Lee's words are from the heart and full of soul, and most importantly REAL. Some so-called lyric writers would do well to learn a thing or two from this man... With his first solo album Lee has stepped out from behind the mixing desk to reveal a burgeoning talent that deserves far wider exposure."

Thank you Roger! To read the full article at source click on the image below, or head over to the Reviews page here where I'm steadily adding recently published articles, (including this one).

In other news I'm pleased to announce that I've been booked to appear on John Govier's popular Saturday show for BBC Radio Devon on the 10th November. Guests tend to stick around for much of the show (which is broadcast live between 9am and 1pm) and interact with one-another on-air, so it could be lots of fun :-)

More updates soon... Be safe! :-)

Lee x