Based in the South West of England Lee Fletcher is an audio professional with comprehensive experience across the music production spectrum and a distinctive approach to his craft.

Working actively as a recording artist, producer, arranger, musician, songwriter, mix & mastering engineer Lee invariably leaves a unique imprint on the material he shapes with collaborating artists, giving much of his creative self to the process.

Parallel to his musical exploits Lee is an ardent photographer and occasional filmmaker.

Having worked in a variety of audio-visual capacities with notable artists and musicians from around the world Lee has helped to fulfil a number of critically acclaimed works. Together with long-term musical associate (touch guitarist & composer) Markus Reuter he is a founding member of Unsung Productions, an international collective of independent music producers. In 2016 Lee became an official member of Billie Bottle & The Multiple, whilst continuing his role as the band's recurring producer.

Professional services include:

  • Audio Production | Arranging
  • Audio Engineering | Mixing | Mastering
  • Digital Editing | Audio Restoration
  • Composing
  • Sound Design
  • Performance (Bass, Touch Guitar, Synths, Keys, Soundscapes, Vocals, etc.)
  • Photography | Video Production
  • Coaching | Masterclasses

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    What (some) people are saying:

    "Sonically rich with layers of interesting parts and really nice arrangements..." (Richard Barbieri: Porcupine Tree / Japan)

    "Lovely and intelligent melodic-prog" (Barry Cleveland: Guitar Player Magazine)

    "Brilliant vocal, production, arrangement and performance. A tour de force..." (Kate and Mike Westbrook)

    "Incredible production, gorgeous vocals, impeccable instrumentation, and heavy lyrics. There's nothing here not to love" (Vince Font: Writer & Broadcaster)

    "An ominous, richly produced debut from a very talented sound-artist" (René Yedema: iO Pages Magazine)

    “Affection and anger, dislocation and commonality, families and strangers, nature and the grind, all linked under a lovingly gilded arch of strings, soft voices and soundscapes" (Dann Chinn: Misfit City)

    "There are many well-groomed tunes to be admired" (Sid Smith: Prog Magazine)

    "Lee’s words are from the heart and full of soul, and most importantly REAL" (Roger Trenwith: Duch Progressive Rock Page)

    "Great musical craftsmanship, intriguing musical ideas and captivating sounds" (Jerry Lucky: The Progressive Rock Files)

    "We need to be thankful that work this beautiful still gets made" (Chris Jones: Writer & BBC Producer)

    "This is 100% excellence in every way. RECOMMENDED!" (Lee Henderson: ProgNaut)