Saturday, 20 October 2012

Faith @ Burning Shed

I'm delighted to announce that the limited hand-numbered / signed edition of 'Faith in Worthless Things' is now also available via the wonderful Burning Shed store; home to a myriad of excellent artists...

You'll find us in the Art Rock section. If you're not familiar with "The Shed" do have a look around - We're in extremely good company :-)

Lee x

Update: The initially allocated stock sold-out within just over a day! We've subsequently doubled that allocation, but orders are coming thick and fast so 'Shed customers are advised to move quickly... :-)

Monday, 15 October 2012

October Update 2: Reviews + Radio

Generous reviews for 'Faith In Worthless Things' continue to come in, and here's a snippet from the latest penned by Roger Trenwith for the Dutch Progressive Rock Page (DPRP):

"Lee's words are from the heart and full of soul, and most importantly REAL. Some so-called lyric writers would do well to learn a thing or two from this man... With his first solo album Lee has stepped out from behind the mixing desk to reveal a burgeoning talent that deserves far wider exposure."

Thank you Roger! To read the full article at source click on the image below, or head over to the Reviews page here where I'm steadily adding recently published articles, (including this one).

In other news I'm pleased to announce that I've been booked to appear on John Govier's popular Saturday show for BBC Radio Devon on the 10th November. Guests tend to stick around for much of the show (which is broadcast live between 9am and 1pm) and interact with one-another on-air, so it could be lots of fun :-)

More updates soon... Be safe! :-)

Lee x

Monday, 8 October 2012

October News Roundup

There's lots going on at present, so here's a whistle-stop roundup of recent happenings, inc. some fresh announcements:

I'm currently mixing the forthcoming album by Troy Jones titled 'New Peace'. Guest contributors include Adrian Belew and Tony Levin amongst others.

Recent mastering projects include 'Deep' - the imminent release from Stick Men (Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter), Namgar's 'Dawn Of The Foremothers', and 'Believe It' by Ila & The Happy Trees.

I've been nominated in the 'Best Producer' category for the 2012 South West Music Awards. The event is on the 1st November, so we'll soon see the final outcome...

My documentary film project OLDER THAN GOD is now live, with the first two webisodes available and more planned on a monthly basis for roughly one year.

'Faith In Worthless Things' continues to be the major focus for me, with various associated projects coming up soon-ish. These include a special set of remixes from both guest contributors and myself, plus the first full-length promo video... Recent radio features are up on my Soundcloud page. Oh, and the album will also soon be available via the excellent Burning Shed store as well as my own Bandcamp site.

Finally, I've been updating and improving the web content here, including the addition of an Index to the Reviews page which is steadily being expanded. More reviews (some of which need translating) will join the ranks v-soon. Also the Discography section reflects recent releases, (though not yet any unreleased / forthcoming titles).

More soon - both here and via my official Facebook page, (feel free to "like" it to remain in-the-loop)...

Thanks, as always, for your interest & support!

Lee x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This week sees the (much delayed) launch of my OLDER THAN GOD film project / website. Here's the official web blurb to describe what it's all about:

"OLDER THAN GOD is a non-linear documentary film project that explores the creative life of musician & composer Markus Reuter. Featuring on-screen contributions from collaborators past and present, extensive interviews with Markus himself, and unique fly-on-the-wall footage the film casts new light on this multifaceted artist from a multitude of perspectives. Originally envisaged as a feature-length film the project (a zero-budget independent production filmed and edited by musical collaborator Lee Fletcher) lay untouched for 18+ months whilst audio productions took precedence. However in September 2012 the pair reconceived the film as a series of concise chapters, or webisodes, each focusing on a particular theme. The series is expected to run for many months and will doubtless evolve over time.

Potential future spin-offs include a soundtrack album and eventual DVD release when the web series is complete."

So there you have it! I'm thrilled to get this project moving again and finally out in the public domain after being on ice for a lengthy period :-) Music projects (such as my semi-solo album 'Faith in Worthless Things' and extensive production work on GRICE's 'Propeller', etc) have been my priority, and will largely remain so, however the monthly 'webisode' format will allow me to attend to OLDER THAN GOD in a more manageable fashion...

Related news, photos, and background info will also continue to be published via the official OLDER THAN GOD Facebook Page, as well as my own (Lee Fletcher: Official Facebook Page).

Lee x

Monday, 1 October 2012

South West Music Awards: 2012 Nominee

I've just learned that I've been voted through to the nominees shortlist (of three) for this year's South West Music Awards, under the category of 'Best Producer'.

Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to vote - I'm touched! :-) This will be a great boost to both 'Faith in Worthless Things' and the work I did on GRICE's 'Propeller', not to mention countless other projects from the Unsung Productions camp...

Winners will be announced at the event on the 1st November which I've been invited to attend. I'll keep y'all posted.


Lee x