Thursday, 23 August 2012

Long Time No Updates...

Has it really been three months since I last blogged? Well quite clearly it has ;-) My 'excuse' is that I've been finishing my album, and dealing with all the business stuff that comes with a major (for me) release...

Since announcing the associated PledgeMusic campaign on the 18th May things went a little crazy. But good 'crazy'. We hit our initial figure within seven days, and wrapped-up the project with a healthy 167% of target achieved. Heartfelt thanks to all who generously supported this venture :-) It's clear to me that the crowd sourcing model works, and is likely to be a major player in independently produced work for some time. This is good for both artists and audience.

Over the next few days I shall update this site with fresh reviews, articles, and news. But in the meantime you can stream (and purchase if you wish) the album via the embedded Bandcamp player to the right of this page... Visit the official store for full details and images of the beautiful physical CD packages:

All the best,

Lee x