Wednesday, 29 August 2012

'FiWT' Reviews - Part 2

No sooner had I posted "two of my personal favourite reviews" for 'Faith In Worthless Things' than another bunch cropped up, and boy they are pretty special!

I'd like to highlight two more here, the first of which is a wonderfully detailed and insightful essay by Misfit City lead writer Dann Chinn, who really gets under the skin of the album. This goes way beyond the average review, and Dann at times gets eerily close to my thinking in his analysis of the work. WIth writing as good as this you could do far worse than spend a few minutes absorbing Dann's take on the work. (And while you're there check out some of the equally enjoyable critiques of other interesting work).

It's difficult to pull out a single quote to sum up this meticulous review, so instead I'll take a snippet of his analysis of the title track:

"It’s the heart of the album and the song that binds everything together – including Lee’s divided impulses as skilled producer, exploring songwriter and man with a heart. Affection and anger, dislocation and commonality, families and strangers, nature and the grind, all linked under a lovingly gilded arch of strings, soft voices and soundscapes."

To read the full article please click on the screenshot image below...

Following this epic is a shorter though nonetheless well written and enthusiastic review by musician, blogger, and all-round good guy Will Cruttenden, (who also records under the name Spingere).

Here's a snippet:

"Lee has achieved a dream. To make an album of songs which engage the brain and the heart. He has made his own template and he has bothered to sweat the little details as much as the big ones. Most importantly, when the time came to find the right singer, he asked his wife."

Check out the whole thing by clicking the pic below...

As I write this blog update two more reviews (one in German, and another in Italian) have crossed my 'desk'... With a little help from Google Translate I can see that these are both super-favourable articles - Hooray! I'll try to get more reliable (i.e.human) translations and will post in due course...

Also, over the next couple of weeks I'll add the text of most 'FIWT' articles to the Reviews page on this very site, which is currently home to a few select 'Propeller' write-ups.

Lee x