Sunday, 4 November 2012

'Best Producer' Award

On Thursday 1st November I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with the 'Best Producer 2012' award at the second annual South West Music Awards! I already knew that I was a nominee, which in itself was gratifying having largely been the result of a public vote, but taking the title was the icing on this shiny, inscribed, non-edible 'cake' :-)

Does it really matter? Well, no and yes... For me the creative process is never governed by outside critical forces, and that ain't gonna change. I don't need an industry pat-on-the-head in order to be musically motivated, and my approach won't alter one jot as a result of this accolade :-) Nonetheless, given the often remote nature of what I do the post-release period can be both rewarding and enlightening - Having let go of the completed work it's incredibly interesting (to me) to see where it flies and who it touches...

Whatever the stylistic nature of a project (be it my own material or an album I'm helping to facilitate) it's always my wish that it'll reach the widest audience possible, and catch new ears along the way. As an independent artist and producer operating without the muscle of a marketing juggernaut getting the music "out there" can be a hard slog, so receiving an award like this is undoubtedly helpful; and maybe, just maybe, as a result the work will travel a little further. Perhaps also one or two doors might be nudged ajar leading to as-yet unforeseen creative encounters? We'll see.

But you know, aside from the above rationalisation sometimes it's just nice to be recognised and told "hey, you're doing some good work". We're all human, and a little encouragement can go a hell of a long way in terms of fuelling our internal 'feel good' sensors :-)

Thanks to all who made this happen - It just so happens that it came at a good time personally for me.

Lee x