Monday, 1 July 2013

News Roundup

The busier I am the less frequently I seem to update this site, despite possibly having more than usual to talk about ;-) I guess I've been busy. VERY busy... So here's a (somewhat overdue) whistle-stop roundup of both recent and imminent happenings, some of which I may have mentioned previously in passing, and others that are brand spanking new - Be prepared for a hodgepodge of subject-matter:

Since last blogging way back in early Feb' there have been a few fresh reviews published, both of 'Faith In Worthless Things' (which is still finding new audiences) and the more recent spin-off remix collection 'The Cracks Within. Some of these have been reproduced on the Reviews page here.

Tribe Magazine (of whom I'm now a Trustee) recently published a new interview with me. It's available to read in the Audio section of their site, plus I've added the text to the Interviews section here (alongside January's Specimen 13 feature).

Here's an interesting one: A few weeks back I 'accidentally' discovered that in February I was on the list of nominees for the Music Producers Guild (MPG) Awards 2013. Though I didn't win it's nice to know my that name was apparently in the mix...

Speaking of "in the mix" I recently completed post-production for the forthcoming album 'New Peace' by US drummer / artist Troy Jones. The project was produced by my friend & collaborator Markus Reuter with post-production & mixing handled by myself, (I also mastered the CD). I thoroughly enjoyed mixing this record which contains stellar performances from a number of guest players including Adrian Belew (King Crimson, David Bowie), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, David Bowie), Tobias Reber (centrozoon), Alex Dowerk (ZweiTon), and Erik Emil Esklidsen (The Friendly Guitar Trio), as well as Markus himself. Despite the chiefly minimalist nature of the compositions there were many wonderful details in the performances that I was able to pull to the fore during the mix process, resulting in a robust, three-dimentional, multi-textured sound with an uber-strong groove factor! I'll post further details once a release date is set.

I'm currently producing 'Unrecorded Beam', the forthcoming album by the superb 7-piece band Billy Bottle & The Multiple. This project should see the light of day during the second half of 2013, but will be my main focus for the next month or two. It's a concept album (in the very best way) based around a poetry fuelled song-cycle, but I'll talk about this more when post-production is complete... The standard of musicianship is tremendous - Once again I'm blessed to be working with an abundance of musical talent.

Since last posting I've also completed and uploaded a couple of new OLDER THAN GOD 'webisodes', both of which profile Markus's time within the Europa String Choir and feature exclusive interviews / performances from the band.

In May I was once again a guest speaker at the A2D Music Expo - This was my third year on the trot! Lots of fun was had with friends new and old.

Looking a little further afield I'm already writing material for my next 'solo' album :-) Mainly lyric-writing at this stage, (lots of it), though some melodies / chord structures exist in demo-form and an overall feel is emerging. I'm incredibly excited about this project, but I'm not going to rush things - For now I have other production commitments, but I'll be quietly working on this in the background until later in the year when it'll move centre-stage and recording will begin. There'll be some returning players from 'Faith in Worthless Things', though I intend to mix things up a little and bring a few new folks into the team :-) Much as I'd like to share a morsel or two with you I won't be doing so for a while... ;-)

Another project I'll be producing this year will be Markus Reuter's next solo album. Despite being one of the most prolific musicians on the planet it's been some years (seven to be precise) since he last put out a solo record... Soundscapes were recorded in Innsbruck this past weekend, and I'll begin sifting through the raw material over the coming weeks. I already have some ideas / plans for the sonic direction.

Last, but by absolutely no means least, Markus, Lisa and I (together with guest performers Tony Levin, Tim Motzer, Alan Burton and Tobias Reber) released a new single a couple of weeks ago, ('Islands' - a Mike Oldfield cover)... I'll save all the latest on this for a future blog post - No really, I will!

Btw, even when I fail on an epic scale to blog regularly I do tend to update other areas of the site quite routinely, so it's sometimes worth having a nose around to play "spot the change" :-)

Lee x