The Multiple: Autumn / Winter 2016 Dates

After our brief summer hiatus the band (Billy Bottle & The Multiple, of which I'm currently an active member - see my previous post) will soon be reconvening 'The Other Place' tour with a number of new dates across the South West and Southern England.

Band photo by Jack Gorman (edited by LF)

One or two further locations may yet be added, but the first seven dates are now confirmed: We'll be playing in Penzance, Falmouth, Redruth, Plymouth, Frome, Brighton and Margate, though not in that specific order! Please check my Gig Page for full details, including ticket links as and when they go live. (I regularly update the listings so it's worth checking back periodically). I hope we can announce a further date or two soon...

Incidentally, for those asking (and they are) we do aim to venture above the M4 corridor next year. Offers have already come in for potential Northern shows and we're looking at putting together a longer 2017 tour in order to cover more ground geographically, so "fingers crossed" and all that. It's likely that this show will stay active for at least the next year... But in the meantime, if you can possibly get to any of the current dates please do. Logistically it's quite a challenge taking this show on the road without a tour manager or external funding, etc. so we really do appreciate each and every person who makes the effort to come along and bring their energy to the performances! Thanks to all who have done so to date :-)

In related news, we plan to release a new single to coincide with the upcoming dates. I'm donning two hats for this, both as producer / arranger (an Unsung Production) and band member, which is a new twist on the working relationship I've had with previous incarnations of the band... There will most likely be an album eventually, however the show is primarily a live thing (with semi-improvisational elements and a strong narrative) so we're not in a hurry to take the bulk of the material into the studio. Barring the odd single, live is the way to experience it, for now.

Finally, in unrelated news, I'm also working on various other musical projects but here and now is neither the time nor place for those...

See you around!