London Date + Tour Poster

I'm delighted to announce a very special addition to our (Billy Bottle & The Multiple) Autumn tour: On the 20th November we'll be playing at The Camden People's Theatre in London as part of the 'All The Right Notes' festival, (which features both music-driven theatre and music acts - such as ours - with a theatrical leaning). We're thrilled to be a part of this programme, and look forward to bringing 'The Other Place' to the heart of London (not too far from the 'other' Other Place).

So here's the full list of autumn venues as presented on our official tour poster, (beautifully designed by Rosie Harbottle):

Poster by Rosie Harbottle Illustration

If you've managed to miss prior updates regarding this show and my role within the band then please check back over the past few posts and become enlightened re: one of my major projects this year...

As always the most relevant and current gig info can be found on (surprise surprise) my Gig Page (here), which is regularly updated with the most up-to-date particulars and venue links. Please help us to spread the word, and hopefully come visit 'The Other Place' yourself :-)

Until then...